Written by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

Volume 2 - Issue 1: January 2008

by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

About This Issue

I hope you had a good Christmas break and this issue of Natural News wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Year.  Now is the time to put into place some good New Year’s resolutions and make them realistic with simple easy steps so that you can keep them going.  Research has shown that most people only maintain their New Year’s resolution for about a week to ten days because they give themselves unachievable goals instead of just changing one thing at a time. 

This issue of Natural News gives you tips to help your body get over the excesses of the Christmas period as well as giving you some information on the herb St John’s Wort which can be very helpful in these dark, winter months and the anti-climax after Christmas. 

I have included a favourite carrot and parsnip recipe which is very warming because of the cooked root vegetables but also with the addition of ginger.  Ginger is especially good for improving circulation when our hands and feet may be rather cold in this season. 

I hope that there are some useful tips for all ages in this issue of Natural News.  If there is a particular topic you would like me to address then do let me know as it is good to make the articles as relevant for you as possible.  As always if you have any questions do email them to me at AskMarilyn@drglenville.com and the Star Question each month wins a £10 Voucher and free copy of my book ‘The Nutritional Health Handbook for Women’.

Wishing you good health and to start this New Year as you mean to go on.

Kind regards

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

Table of Contents

Regular features

4 Letter from Marilyn
5 In the news:
Recent progress in the world of health

  • Omega 3 oils, fruits and vegetables help keep your brain healthy
  • A carrot a day to keep the doctor away
  • Green vegetables can give your heart extra strength
  • Afternoon naps can help lower your blood pressure

26 Case Study:
Boosting your immune system

41 Ask Marilyn:
Your questions answered

  • Every now and again I get an outbreak of spots. Is my love of chocolate giving me spots?
  • Are there any natural therapies that can help ease the frequency and severity of my migraines?
  • Are there any natural solutions to heartburn?

44 Ingredient spotlight:

  • Parsnips – the health benefits

45 Monthly meal idea:

  • Tasty carrots and parsnips

46 Resources

  • Where to find books, supplements, tests and consultations

48 Coming next month

Special Articles

9 Menopause

  • Your supplements A to Z

13 Hunger breakthrough

  • How to beat cravings and lose weight for good

18 Better Bone Health

  • Is your diet giving your bones what they need?

21 How to repair the festive damage

  • Clearing out those toxins

30 Boosting your Fertility

  • Protect yourself from environmental and occupational hazards

33 Less salt, more taste

  • The sensible use of salt in your diet

36 Hypericum

  • A closer look at St John’s Wort

38 Time for tea

  • New research is proving that it can positively benefit your health

40 Eat to sleep better

  • What to avoid and what may help

Top Tips

25 Reduce your salt intake

  • Cutting down on salt when you’re eating out

32 Computer Protection Tips