Written by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

Volume 1 - Issue 9: September 2007

by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

About This Issue

As usual this issue of Natural News is packed with useful and I hope practical information because I always feel that it is good to have tools that you can use in every day life.  This issue covers anti-ageing remedies, we can’t stop the clock but it feels good to be able to at least slow it down.  There is information on water, because although we are all recommended to drink six to eight glasses of water a day, the quality of the water we drink can make a big difference.  All bottled water is not the same and as with food, you need to read the labels because you can literally just be drinking filtered tap water.

It is always lovely to use aromatherapy oils in the bath, for a massage and as a wonderful aroma for the house.  So there are suggestions in this issue for different oils to help with de-stressing and those that could actually help with fertility.

I think it is interesting to experiment with different foods because sometimes we can get stuck using the same limited range all the time.  Sometimes it is because we don’t know what to do with some ingredients that we avoid using them.  In this issue of Natural News I have included a recipe using agar, a seaweed from Japan, used as a gelling agent and very versatile and a good alternative to animal gelatine.  It can be used in savoury food like an aspic but the recipe in this issue is for a fruit jelly. 

Wishing you good health

Kind regards

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

Table of Contents

Regular features

4 Letter from Marilyn
5 In the news:
Recent progress in the world of health

  • Cut down on long work hours and have better reproductive health
  • Avoid yo-yo dieting to reduce the risk of kidney cancer
  • Breast cancer – recently linked with grapefruit

25 Case Study:
Sally discovers a natural alternative to HRT

40 Ask Marilyn:
Your questions answered

  • Am I trying too hard to conceive?
  • Why should I cut back on salt?
  • How can I increase my libido?

44 Ingredient spotlight:

  • Agar – a vegetarian gelling agent

45 Monthly meal idea:

  • Fruit jelly – a low-calorie dessert

46 Resources

  • Where to find books, supplements, tests and consultations

48 Coming next month

Special Articles

9 Small changes: big weight loss

  • Nine easy ways to keep weight off

14 Osteoporosis: how vitamin K can keep your bones strong

  • Eating the right vegetables can help

15 Aromatherapy: the sweet way to boost your fertility

  • Increase your chances of conceiving

16 Get cracking: the health benefits of nuts

  • The numerous beneficial qualities

19 Ten years younger: how to beat common wrinkle accelerators

  • Eight ways to keep looking young

29 Black Cohosh and the menopause: your questions answered

  • A natural herbal remedy

31 Natural fixes for perimenopausal menstrual irregularities

  • Eff ective ways to ease the symptoms

35 Coping with empty nest syndrome without reaching for the biscuit tin

  • How to deal with separation anxiety

38 How safe is the water you drink? Tap vs. bottled

  • Choose the purest form of water

Top Tips

7 Reduce your stroke risk

  • Research into folic acid

8 Research into folic acid

  • A fruit which can lower blood pressure

8 Slow down!

  • Slow down!

24 Healthy words

  • Inspiring quotes

37 Have a nap!

  • A good way to increase energy