Written by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

Volume 1 - Issue 11: November 2007

by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

About This Issue

This issue of Natural News takes a closer look at herbs, both for boosting your immune system especially as we go into winter and also for helping with fertility.  There is also a special feature on magnesium in this issue as it is often a forgotten mineral with all the attention going on calcium.  The symptoms of a magnesium deficiency can often be mistaken for a hormone imbalance associated with either the menopause or PMS because the symptoms include irritability, insomnia, frequent nighttime awakenings, anxiety and muscle cramps and weakness.

I have included a recipe using red cabbage in this issue.  Cabbage is an important food for women as it is part of the family of cruciferous vegetables, which have a positive effect on reducing the risk of breast cancer because it helps the detoxification of oestrogen.  The recipe uses red cabbage that also has beneficial anti-oxidant effects because of the colour and it is good to be able have new ideas to serve vegetables in a different way. 

The benefits of anti-oxidants that we all know are associated with anti-ageing are featured in this issue of Natural News, this time for their positive effects on the prevent of osteoporosis.  So the message that used to be ‘eat your greens’ which is still important is now ‘eat a rainbow’ and the more colours we can include in our food the better.

Kind regards

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

Table of Contents

Regular features

4 Letter from Marilyn
5 In the news:
Recent progress in the world of health

  • Heart attacks drop by 17 per cent after smoking is banned
  • Large mothers more likely to have overweight children
  • Junk food and sweets can make your child hyperactive
  • Salty food can condemn children to chronic poor health in adulthood

23 Case Study:
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

41 Ask Marilyn:
Your questions answered

  • Can acupuncture boost fertility?
  • Is it okay for me to exercise when I have a cold?
  • Could you tell me why edamame seeds, tofu, alfalfa and quinoa are so great and what I can do with them?

44 Ingredient spotlight:

  • Red Cabbage – a rich source of calcium and also flavonoids

45 Monthly meal idea:

  • Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

46 Resources

  • Where to find books, supplements, tests and consultations

48 Coming next month

Special Articles

9 Menopause

  • Why magnesium matters

12 So what can I eat?

  • How to take the stress out of food shopping

15 Tainted by pesticides?

  • A third of our food could be

16 Antioxidants for Osteoporosis

  • Vital nutrients that play a key role in osteoporosis prevention

18 How to get a flat stomach – fast

  • Fifteen steps to improve your waistline

26 Natural Perfume

  • Treat yourself to the essential oils of natural perfumes

28 Echinacea:

  • A closer look at this interesting immune booster

32 Brush yourself healthy

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth could save you from a heart attack

34 The top herbs for pain relief

  • Natural pain-relieving remedies

37 Instant stress cures

  • Alternative therapies for on spot stress relief

40 Herbs that can boost fertility

  • Herbs can have beneficial effects when it comes to getting pregnant

Top Tips

11 Organic v non-organic

  • Health giving flavonoids

33 Smoothie

  • Calm yourself with this lemon smoothie

39 Vitamin K

  • Links to varicose veins

41 Face mask:

  • Yogurt nourishes and cleanses skin while pumpkin can help give it a healthy glow