Written by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

Volume 1 - Issue 1: January 2007

by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

About This Issue

Welcome to this special Christmas edition of Natural News for Women.

At the clinic we get thousands of emails with requests for information and advice and I thought this would be a good way to keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of nutrition.

Natural News is for you, to send in your questions, tell me what you want help with, what articles you found most useful and what has worked for you. Your feedback is valuable as it helps other women who may have a similar health concern to know that they are not alone and to hear that there are answers to their problems.

Each issue will have a main feature, questions and answers, a case study showing the power of nutrition, a Monthly Meal Idea, In The News and Quick Tips. We’re also working on a Readers’ Tips section, Reader Reviews and much more.

Kind regards

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

Table of Contents

Regular features

4 Letter from Marilyn
5 In the news:
Recent progress in the world of health

  • Eat up your greens and fight cancer
  • Walnuts work wonders for heart disease
  • Omega 3 and Alzheimer’s
  • People don’t understand food labels
  • Walking may not be enough to lose weight
  • Weight loss and diabetes

18 Case Study:
How ‘Susan’ found that she was risking osteoporosis and what she did to avoid it

29 Ask Marilyn:
Your questions answered

  • Can nutrition help sufferers of ME?
  • Menopause and natural remedies - when should I start?
  • Can I stay on digestive enzymes long term?
  • What’s the best way to eat less? (Diets don’t work for me)
  • Was my son’s asthma caused by hamburgers and fizzy drinks?

34 Ingredient spotlight:

  • Apples – the health benefits

35 Monthly meal idea:

  • A different kind of Christmas cake

32 Resources

  • Where to find books, supplements, tests and consultations

36 Coming next month

Special Articles

9 43 ways to fight the flab - Part 1

  • Simple tricks for eating less

15 Eating out and eating healthily

  • What to eat

23 Sneeze-proof your winter

  • How to stay cold-and-flu-free this winter

Top Tips

7 Deskercise

  • How to work out while you work

8 Quick Tip: Weaning

  • Use this natural superfood to boost your baby’s vitamin levels

14 Airport food and how to survive it

17 Natural Alternatives to chemical based cleaning products

  • Natural bleaches, limescale removers, window cleaners and stain lifters

22 How to keep your skin looking young and healthy

  • 4 easy tips for great skin at any age

33 Quick Tip: Healthy ageing

  • Can exercise really prevent Alzheimer’s?